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Date 31/07/2013
By Clive Foden
Subject Thank you!

Just a huge thank you for all this work Noel. I've been obsessed with the Gawain author since I came across a mention of SGGK in a Peak district guidebook just about 50 years ago. It mentioned that the poem described the area around the Roaches that I had got to know quite well through climbing and walking. No mention of Ludchurch! I came across that whilst going through some of Grandad's photos: there were still statues dotted around in his day. Thank you!!

Date 31/07/2013
By Noel
Subject Re: Thank you!

'Bi a forȝ of a flode þat ferked þare;'
'By the furrow of a stream which passed there;'
Clive, look for the sign of an old single (now dry, I would have thought) furrow, similar to the old ridge and furrow you can still see signs of in fields nowadays. This should be close to Black brook and the river Dane and not far from Ludchurch, it may not have survived over 600 years. The poet's description is of an old boundary marker, 'mere' of the forest, near the green chapel, I believe.

Date 31/07/2013
By Clive Foden
Subject Gawain ephemera around Leek.

But have you seen the Green Man in amongst the plundered stonework half way up a barn at Abbey Farm? And have you ever wondered where Bertilak's castle is? Perhaps it was Hen Cloud.......read Gawain's final journey to the Green Chapel. And did you know there once was an ironworks at Back Dane just by the lawn on the curve of the river. And if you dig around you might, just might find a piece of slag from the casting (I did). And wouldn't that make sense of the sound Gawain heard of the whetting of the Green Knight's axe. And isn't it just the best poem ever????

Date 31/07/2013
By Noel
Subject Re: Gawain ephemera around Leek.

Thanks so much Clive for all your comments. I have heard of the ironworks you mention, and still have lots to add to my website so please keep checking. The research is ongoing, I believe that in the detail we will find a definate location of the green chapel.
And yes, it is the best poem ever.
Thanks also for the email, I wish I had known your grandfather!

Date 22/04/2013
By Doug Pickford
Subject Gawain/Chandos

My hearty congratulations on all your research into Gawain and the Green Knight.

Date 08/05/2013
By Noel
Subject Re: Gawain/Chandos

Hi Doug,
Thanks for your comment, much appreciated, especially from someone who knows the area?


by Noel C Brindley - May 2012

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